Jarin Watkins

Teacher: Cello, Guitar, Piano

Jarin Watkins is a cellist, composer, songwriter, pianist, guitarist, and bassist. Jarin obtained his Bachelors of Music in composition and cello performance from Gardner-Webb in the spring of 2023 and has been playing music for 11 years and counting.
Jarin is also the Bassist for Gabrielle Maryna Music, a duo act playing around the Charlotte area. This act performs regularly at Southern Strain in Plaza Midwood and intermittently around the rest of the Charlotte area.

Jarin was a core member of the Gardner-Webb symphony orchestra from 2017-2023 where he came to serve as the principal cellist. While here Jarin performed with 3 time Grammy Award Winning Mark O’Connor. Jarin believes that music education should focus on fundamentals in order to provide students the tools to tackle any musical situation. Music education is fun and the more the student can play the more fun that they’ll have, and the more that they will learn.