Andrew Wiele

Teacher: Clarinet, Piano

Andrew Wiele has always grown up around music. His mother had a piano in the house, and he started taking lessons at a young age, as well as playing clarinet and singing in the choir throughout middle and high school. It was during his senior year of high school when he realized that he loved music and wanted to pursue it as a career, thanks to the music of artists like George Winston, Horace Silver, and Herbie Hancock. It is their uniqueness, love of music and art, and their connection with their audiences that Andrew wants to capture in his own music. Already, many people have praised Andrew for the way he connects his music to the world around him. His performances have been described as engaging, providing context and meaning to the music.

One of Andrew’s most deeply held beliefs is that music can heal the soul and communicate things words could never express. Through the creation and performance of music people can come together, build community and strengthen bonds. Music and its many forms can cross over any barrier and foster peace and happiness. Currently in the Carolina Core, Andrew has several outlets through which he shares his love of music with others. Through freelancing collaborative piano, teaching lessons, and performances, Andrew is able to bring to life the music of local artists.