Marcelo Camera

Teacher: Guitar, Percussion

Marcelo Camera has been teaching, performing, and recording professionally in the United States of America and Brazil for over thirty years. He is a classically trained guitarist with a B.A. in music teaching from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State and a master’s degree in jazz studies from Georgia State University in Atlanta. With solid vocal skills and strong rhythmic awareness (due to his rich Brazilian percussion background, what he considers the foundation of his creative drive as an improviser), he performed regularly in Atlanta (1997-2000) where was awarded “Best Latin Band Leader 1999” (Atlanta Magazine) and received a commendation (along with his wife and Raleigh-born singer, Zina Pinheiro) on March 6, 2000, the release date of his debut album “Fish out of Water”.

The couple was praised for their musical contributions to the cultural fiber of the city and memorable performances that fostered an atmosphere of goodwill between Atlantans, Brazilians and music lovers of all backgrounds.

After many years of teaching music in Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo is now back to the RTP, teaching lessons that emphasize musical practice as an invaluable tool for human development, besides focusing on maximizing his students’ capacity to experience relevant insights, in order to develop their full potential and expressive abilities as performers. Marcelo keeps working constantly on improving his craft as a music educator, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, session musician and performer.